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Fall Home Decorating and Hacks


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Local Desserts


Julie makes eight fresh summer desserts with all local ingredients. 



Summer Must Haves

School’s out and kids are looking forward to lazy days, action packed-adventures, summer sports, water play and exploration.  Mom in the Know has some tips on making this summer a fun one.  Make sure that you have this year’s must haves ready before the last school bell rings. 

Start with a bucket list

Work together to make a family summer bucket list using materials you have readily available at home.  It can be as simple as a pad and paper.  You could also use sand pails, clothes pins, popsicle sticks or jars and paper.  Post it notes also work well for this.  Leave the bucket in a place where everyone can see it and add to it as they please.

Make Active Easy

Make sure your kids stay active this summer by keeping outdoor sports and fun equipment close at hand.  I leave all of the essentials just outside my door in a big basket.  You could include


Mom in the Know’s Summer Must Haves



Cubby Cubes for Packing

Mables Labels

Sparkle Sunscreen


Twiga Clothing

Floating Sunglasses

Dry Towels






Father's Day, June 19

As a mother and as a daughter, I have run the gamut on Father’s Day gift giving over the years.   From barbeque accessories, to clothing and ties, sports equipment, gadgets and fishing gear, I have seen it all and I have run out of ideas. 

This year, as I was spring cleaning, I noticed a few things tucked away on the top shelf of the closet.  My husband had tucked away a few of the school crafts, hand prints, photos and squiggly scripted homemade cards that the kids had given him over the years.   Absent were the gadgets and fancy neck ties.  There was not a trace of the store bought cards or fancy gift bags. 

I used to think it was really hard to buy something for the man who has everything, the I realized that we were missing the point. 

The point of Father’s Day is to thank a man for being a wonderful father or husband.  The best way to do that is to give a gift from the heart, one with meaning, one that will be appreciated and cherished, one that will be tucked away on a top shelf or sock drawer for years to come.

What Dad does not appreciate a sweet picture of his kids for his desk or side table.  Using a few props and craft supplies, create these cute keepsake pics.

Simple hand made crafts not only give you’re the opportunity spend time giggling and creating with your kids, these gifts are the ones Dad’s will cherish 

Still looking for the perfect gift?  How about the gift of time.  Make some memories with Dad today, enjoy Westfest, go to the movies, throw some balls around.  I love the ideas of participating together in a community event.   This run for Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation is a great day out for a good cause.  http://www.ottawacancer.ca/en/events/signature-events/ultimate-run-for-men's-cancers.aspx

Whatever gift you choose to give this Father’s Day, take time to enjoy all of the little thigns that make your family fabulous – including a fantastic Dad. 


Join the Lemonade Brigade!  #lemonade2016


** Originally Published in Ottawa Parenting Times

Fourth annual Great Canadian Lemonade Standemonium aims to raise money and awareness for cancer care in Ottawa

Hosting a lemonade stand is one of the most popular summer fun activities for kids.

And on Saturday, June 4, the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation is sparking a lemonade stand movement and hosting the third annual Great Canadian Lemonade Standemonium, presented by Cardel Homes

It’s a fun-filled, one-day fundraiser where kids host stands in their neighbourhood, while raising funds and awareness for cancer care in the Ottawa community.


In three years, kids across the region have joined in the fun hosting lemonade stands on or before June 4th – and they have raised more than $190,000 for the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation.  100% of those funds went directly to local cancer research and helping families through Cancer Coaching.

This year, funds raised will help provide cancer coaching to families in our community. Cancer coaching focuses on the person – and helps with their physical, informational, emotional and spiritual needs – to help them meet the challenges of cancer and improve their overall quality of life.

p19How can YOU get involved? Registering for the Great Canadian Lemonade Stand is easy!

  1. Join the Lemonade Brigade movement and make a STAND against cancer.
  2. Register your stand at www.ottawacancer.ca/lemonade.
  3. Recruit your family or friends to join your stand – the more the merrier! Everyone who registers online will be eligible to win great prizes.
  4. Plan out where you would like to host your stand. At a nearby store, at the end of your driveway, at a playground – there are loads of choices. But be sure to ask your parents for help in determining where to host your stand, and get permission from your chosen location.
  5. Get your mom and dad involved and send an email to let family and friends know where your stand will be hosted, and a link to donate to your virtual stand. All this can be done through your online stand page.
  6. Get family and friends involved and design and build your own custom stand.
  7. Plan out your stand campaign. Decide when you will be hosting your stand – you can host a stand more than once leading up to June 6, and then on Lemonade Stand Day. Also, be sure to decide what you would like to serve at your stand. There are great recipes at www.ottawacancer. ca/lemonade.
  8. Host your stand on or before Saturday, June 6.
  9. Drop off the funds raised at the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation (1500 Alta Vista Dr.) on Sunday, June 7 between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m.
  10. Celebrate all of your successes and the work you have done to help local families who are facing cancer.

For more information about the Great Canadian Lemonade 
Standemonium, contact the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation at 613-247-3527.

p56Quick tips for building a lemonade stand

  • Paint and decorate with bright colours.
  • Consider using chalkboard or paint to make an instant sign on the stand.
  • Attach pinwheels, streamers, balloons or other moving decorations to draw attention.
  • Display a basket of colourful lemons on your table to get attention.
  • Make great signs. Use large letters, arrows and eyecatching colours.
  • Put out a bowl of water for dogs.
  • Play music and get your groove on. Dance, dance, dance!
  • Offer baked goods.
  • Bring out your pom-poms and shout out a lemonade cheer.



My life has been fully blessed with mothers—my grandmother, mother-in-law, my sisters and sisters -in-law and of course, my mother. I have so much to celebrate this weakened including  my own motherhood and my two fantastic kids!

It is so nice to spend time with the women in my life and I find that going out for a meal is a great get-together.  Brunch is always a welcome option with kids and there are so many to choose from in the Ottawa area this year.  Looking for a great location?  Try the Museum of Nature, The Chateau Laurier, Le Café at the NAC, Petit Bills in Westboro, Stone Faced Dolly’s or the Brookstreet.

As a Mom, I know how special this day can be for my children. They get so excited to make me hand made gifts and to do something special. I keep a board of my favourite Mother’s Day crafts on my Pinterest Board 

Looking for more great ideas and suggestions.  Have a look of some recent Mother’s Day TV appearances.  I have posted the videos for you below. 

Happy Mother’s Day!  

Mother's Day Ideas

CTV Morning Live - May 6, 2013

Julie prepares a Foodland Ontario Pizza Party Salad, makes stepping stones and shares ideas for Mother's Day gifts and crafts


Decorate the House

Festively decorate the house with balloons, streamers and a big bouquet of flowers on the dining room table.  This will be sure to surprise her.

Extra Touch

These helium balloons are so much fun.  Hang family photos and messages on ties.  What a beautiful idea.

A Homemade Mother's Day Card 

All you need for this activity is a pair of scissors, coloured construction paper and markers or crayons.

Cut the piece of paper into a shape, like a heart. If your child is old enough to write, have them write a message on the card. If they cannot write, you can write "Happy Mother's Day," on the front of the card. On the inside, let your child draw a bunch of pictures. Stickers can also be added.

Keepsake Box 

For this Mother's Day craft, you have a number of different options. Your child can either decorate a shoe box with paint, construction paper, markers or stickers. Or, you can purchase a wooden box that your child can paint and decorate themselves. These boxes are often affordably priced and sold at most craft stores or online.

For an extra personal touch to this homemade Mother's Day gift, you and your child can add a few more item. Have them draw a picture for their mother or add in a few family photographs.

Stepping Stones

Stepping stones for the garden, especially those that include dates or hand prints are gifts that Mom with cherish.  This is an easy craft.  All you need is a little imagination and some special love for mom. 



Framed Family Drawing

A simple drawing from your child can make a great Mother's Day gift. What you will want to do though is put the drawing into a picture frame. If you do not have an extra picture frame around your house, many dollar stores sell frames for certificates, which can fit most blank sheets of drawing paper or computer paper.

As for what your child can draw, colour, or even paint, have the theme be family oriented. They can draw a picture of your family. Finger paints can also be used to make a page of your child's handprints. Multiple paint colours can be used to create a colourful masterpiece. If your child can write, have them write a simple note, like "I Love You Mom." Remember, be sure to frame the final result.

Decorated picture frames

Grab that camera and be on the lookout. Surprise Mom with a picture frame holding a photo of her and her little ones in a tender moment together. You provide the photo, and let your children decorate the frame. Purchase easy, plain wooden frames for your kids to decorate; these can be found at any craft store. Let children paint, add stickers, write words or glue sequins all over.

Make a Mother's Day Appreciation Jar

Purchase a small decorative jar with a lid to serve as the container. Cut dozens of slips of plain paper. On each paper, write the reasons why you love Mom. Ask your children to write messages of appreciation and love to their mother as well.

Make an Easy 'Love' Book

This craft is all about finding ways to tell Mom you love her. Purchase a decorative journal (or create your own simple book) and help your kids write all the ways they love their mom on the book pages. Be sure to throw in your own special messages of love.

Older Children

Have  older children pick out a book by one of Mom's favourite authors and have them write a short dedication that tells her how much they appreciate her and how she's earned time to relax and enjoy. 

Have the kids volunteer to do community service with mom. It's a great way to spend time with together and teaches the kids about helping others. Depending on Mom's interests, sign the kids and Mom up to volunteer at the local animal shelter, soup kitchen or retirement home.


 Make dinner for Mom

I love this pizza party salad from Foodland Ontario 


Extra Touch

Make an easy arrangement of twigs and decorate your dinner table with your favourite pictures of Mom.